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  • Harmony versus Aggression

    Acrylic and rhoplex on unstretched canvas - 72x76 in

  • Irradiation (Self-portrait)

    Acrylic on unstretched canvas - 72 x 76 in.

  • Narcissism

    Acrylic and charcoal on unstretched canvas with photo - 72 x 76 in.

  • Perfection of Imperfection - Exhibition Shot

  • Copenhagen

    Acrylic on unstretched canvas - 72 x 76 in.

  • Homage to Franz Marc

    Acrylic and charcoal on unstretched canvas - 72 x 76 in.

  • Three Graces

    Drawing on acrylic on unstretched canvas

  • 009 - Perfection of Imperfection - Three Graces [center left] - Drawing on Acrylic on Unstretched Ca

  • Supraneurosis

    Acrylic, tempera and rhoplex on paper - 76x48 in

  • Imitation

    Acrylic and mixed media on unstretched canvas.

  • Simplicity

    Acrylic on burlap

  • Apparition from Fan

    Mixed media - 62x36 in.

  • The Modern Version of The Ugly Duckling

    Caran d'ache on board

  • The Empress' New Clothes caran d'ache on board

  • Anticipation

    Acrylic on stretched canvas

  • A Question of Value

    Mixed media on canvas

  • Beauty is to be One Self

    Oil paint on stretched canvas

  • Change

    Oil on stretched canvas

  • Woman Rise

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Saint George and The Dragon

    Egg tempera painting with gold leaf on board

  • The Ugly Duckling's Dream

    Lithograph - 19x23 in

  • Ecology II

    Lithograph with acrylic and pastel - 19x23 in

  • Simplicity series

    Collagraph prints

  • Simplicity-detail

    Collagraph print

Hanne’s first solo show, The Perfection of Imperfection, was a celebration of the extemporaneous and explosive nature of pure artistic creativity and the unexpected beauty of art in its imperfect, raw, unfinished state. It consisted of large tapestry-like paintings on unstretched canvases, as well as etchings and lithographs, at times revealing her attraction to such disparate sources as early medieval art and the masterful latter-day trinity of Henry Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Jean Dubuffet. Thanks to Hanne’s joyous application of color and the vibrant energy and droll humor of her work, a feeling of joie de vivre seemed to erupt from her art and permeate the gallery, leaving many visitors with an unmistakable sense of exuberance.