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Onion Universe Book

 The Onion Museum was a collection of personal effects and found objects in addition to over two dozen handmade onionskin paper bas-reliefs with archival paper pulp contour drawings, capturing the raw, unrefined, rough-hewn impact of prehistoric cave paintings. The Talking Onion, an oversize bulbous sculpture complete with a recorded monologue recounting the life experiences of an onion.

It also showcased The Onion Universe artist’s book, a manuscript, handwritten and illustrated with colored pencils on watermarked Onion Skin® paper, that formulates Hanne’s onion philosophy and enumerated The Seven Qualities Of The Onion as “earthyness,” unity, smell, taste, strength and courage, health, and purity (included in MoMA collection and sold in reprints by Printed Matter in New York).

The edges of the reprints are all burned (to look old) and bound together in the shape of an onion in the left corner by help of palm frans.

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