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Seven Stations of OJ

The Seven Stations of O.J. was a mixed media installation arising from the controversial OJ Simpson double murder trial, and is Hanne's indictment of the flawed judicial process that would allow a barefaced criminal to walk free, Vistors who sucessfully infiltrated the gallery through a "Crime Scene" tape obstruction were rewarded with a Bloody OJ cocktail specially concoted for the show.


It included three hundred 1-800-OJ-KILLS bank notes with OJ Simpson's smiling face hanging from the ceiling, printed in light green archival paper, each signed and numbered as individual prints. For the Polariod emulsion transfer prints, Hanne took polaroid photographs of her mixed media installation pieces, transferred the emulsion to archival paper and attached the remains to the final piece to show the process of its creation. The creation of the installation was feautured in a Fox News broadcast

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