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Curriculum Vitae Hanne H7L

American artist born in Denmark



Degrees & Awards

University of California:

Masters of Fine Arts – Visual Arts, San Diego, 1982.

Bachelors of Arts – Art and History of Art, Berkeley, 1980.

All California Arts Competition (3rd), 1982.

New York Artist Housing Project, 1984.

Louis B. Mayer Foundation, 1982.

Ford Foundation, 1982.


Solo Installations & Exhibitions

Coco-Mat Company, Decoration & Design Building, 979 3rd Avenue suite 417, New York City,  "Details from The "Who is The Monster" Installation", May 24-June 23, 2017, Reception and Book Signing  May 24 from 11-1PM.     NowJournal.Com


Galleri Uggerby, Strandvejen 89, Lonstrup, Hjorring, Denmark, paintings, April 9th-May 26th, 2006

Artwork featured in The Jar, an independent film production; computer drawings, photographs, paintings, and collages, 2004.

Good Against Evil, installation of sculptures, paintings, performances, video, and catalog, Goldstrom Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York, Jan 15–Feb 27, 1999. Performances included: Painting Wolfmen on the Gallery Wall-performance by H7L painting Wolfmen on the gallery wall covered with copies of the front cover of Dan's Paper featuring detail of H7L's Good Against Evil mural. Good or Evil Shadows-audience participatory performance of shadows visible on seven pieces of vellum hanging in the gallery. Relaxing and Healing Experience-audience participatory performance, created with audience members lying down in the gallery, the floor covered by copies of the front cover of Dan's Paper featuring detail of H7L's Good Against Evil mural and the soothing sound of seven pieces of vellum moving from the breeze of a ceiling fan.

Mixed Media Installation, Gallery B.A.I., Barcelona, Spain, Apr–May, 1996.

The Seven Stations of O.J., installation of mixed media, Artopia Gallery, 24 West 57th St, New York, Apr 1996.

Life in the 90's, installation of collages of reused credit-card-size plastic maps, La MaMa La Galleria, 6 East First St, New York, Apr 13–May 1, 1994.

Paintings of New York and Other Fantasies: Rockefeller Townhouse Gallery, press release, 20 West 55th St, New York, Jul–Aug 1992. Also, performance: Painting the Dodge.

Perfection of Imperfection: Marylou's, New York, Oct 1994.

People and Animals in Movement, installation of mixed media on fiberglass screens, Ismael Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York, Oct 1988.

H7L Seven Years, 'Re-emergence' The Danish Consulate, New York, 1986–1987.

Finally Arrived From Denmark, Tompkins Square Library Gallery, New York, 1987.

H7L Seven Years, 1045 Fifth Ave, New York, 1986.

Ink Drawings, Zurich Kunstforening, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1985.

Bark Paintings, Canio's, Sag Harbor, NY, 1985, 1986.

Who Is the Monster?, installation of paintings, drawings, sculptures, sounds, performances, poetry, and dance by Frances Alenikof, Nico Smith Gallery, New York, 1985. Galleri Falsted (a Jansen & Nørgaard event), Copenhagen, Denmark, 1984. Galerie Gerry Salant, Paris, France, 1984.

The Onionization of the Big Apple, performance, New York, 1983.

Paintings and Sculptures, Stratford Gallery, Del Mar, CA, 1983.

The Onionization of La Jolla, performance, La Jolla, CA, 1982.

The Onion Universe, installation of drawings, posters, paintings, prints, handmade paper, personal objects, photographs, sculptures, sounds, video, and artist's book, Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 1982: Growing 100 Pots of Onions in Polluted Soil Samples, performance; The Seven Good Luck Stories of the Onion, H7L performance peeling onions with audience participation;Bring Your Favorite Onion Dish, audience-participatory performance; Onions in the Sack, audience-participatory performance.

The Shadows, installation of artist's books, personal and found objects, sculptures, paintings, prints, photographs, fiberglass screens, bark paintings, and video, Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 1981: From a Tree To a Tree, performance; The Shadows, audience-participatory performance.

From Urinstix to Painting, performance. Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 1981.

The Ugly Duckling, performance and exhibition, Sushi Performance Space, San Diego, CA, 1981.

The Perfection of Imperfection, paintings, prints, etchings, lithographs at Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA, 1980.

The Perfection of Imperfection, paintings, prints, etchings, lithographs at Mandeville Annex Gallery, La Jolla, CA, 1980. Curator Kimberly Goff, Elaine Benson Gallery

Selected Group Installations & Exhibitions

The Marfakind pop-up store, 508 East 12 street, NYC, Invitational, Sep. 14-Oct.31, 2019. Curated by Kieley Kimmel.

Children's Museum of the Ea, st End, Bridgehampton, New York, "Part II, An Invitational", Aug.18-Oct.23 2018. Curator Kimberly Goff, Elaine Benson Gallery.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Photography, April 8-June 4, 2017.

Karyn Mannix Cont emporary, East Hampton, NY, "What Becomes A Legend Most", October, 2016,        a juried exhibition in connection to the Hamptons International Film Festival. 

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Digital Art, April 23-June 4, 2016.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Digital Art, May 3-June 7, 2014.

Water Mill Museum, Water Mill, NY, Digital Art, May 22-June 16, 2014.

Upcoming: Wine and Spirits Historical Museum, The Absolut Collection, Stockholm, 2013.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Digital Art, April 27-June 1, 2013

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, Digital Art, May 5-June 9, 2012.

Water Mill Museum, Water Mill, NY, mixed media, June 16-July 11, 2011.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, mixed media, May 7- June 11, 2011.

Water Mill Museum, Water Mill, NY, digital photography, June 17-July 12, 2010.

Guild Hall Museum,  East Hampton, NY, photography, April 24- June 5, 2010.

August Art's Gallery Space in Islington, London UK,  video: Shadows of Obsession II,  March 09.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, paintings,  April 29th-June 3rd, 2006.

Art for Nature, Art Fusion Museum in the Hague, Holland, Sculpture, 2006.

2005 Art Alumni Group Show, Worth Ryder Gallery, University of California, Berkeley, Sept 13-29, 2005.

Galerie Knud Grothe Charlottenlund, Denmark , paintings,  July - September,  2005.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY. mixed media paintings, Apr16-May 21, 2005

Eureka Rising Festival, Erosions and Renaissance ACT II, Plexus Virtual Gallery Grainery  Lane Theatre Gallery, Ballarat , Australia by Cultural Lab International, laser prints, Nov 26-Dec 5, 2004 .

The voyage continues in 2005 to New York and Lecce, Italy before concluding in Dakar for the 3rd Triangle of Art Festival in May 2006.

First Biennial Reasons to Love the Earth, Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, the Netherlands, Apr-June,  2005.

1001 Reasons to Love the EarthThe Amsterdam Arts Arena 2005 and Exhibition Centre Diemerfort 2011, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Benson Juried Show 2004, Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, photographs, Aug-Sep 2004.

Water Mill Museum, Water Mill, NY, computer drawings, Jun 24–Jul 19, 2004.

Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY, photographs, 2002. juried exhibition.

2000 Foundation, World Art Vision: 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth, (the first international Environmental Art Exhibition), book, Wolfman sculpture.

 Sejong Museum of Fine Arts (catalog), Seoul, Korea, Jun 1–Jul 31, 2004.

 The Floriade, 2002, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Apr 6–Oct 20, 2002.

William Whipple Art Gallery Museum, SW State University, Marshall, MN.

Drawing Exhibition, Mar–Apr 2003.

International Photo Exhibition, Dec 2002.

Goldstrom Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York.

Photo 2002, Oct 15–Nov 12, 2002.

Black and White, Mar–Apr, 2000 and Dec 8, 2001–Feb 6, 2002.

Art International NY, Sep 2000.

Black and White with Picasso, Matisse, Mar–Apr 1998.

ART WALK 2001, New York: Tour of my studio and Benefit Auction, organized by Peter Jennings ABC TV,

Oct 20, 2001.

The Museum of New Art (MONA), Detroit. DOCUMENTA USA, Sep 15–Oct 27, 2001.

Exit Art, 548 Broadway, New York, photo.soho, benefit auction for A.C.E. Soho and Tribeca Partnership, May 30, 2001.

Willoughby Sharp Gallery, 558 Broome St, New York, manipulated digital photographs, 2000, 2001.

Willoughby Sharp Gallery at Howland Art Center, Beacon, NY, Heroines & Heroes II, Jun 7–Jun 18, 1999; New York, 2000.

Artscape (art car show), Baltimore, MD, Jul 1998

Sundance Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, Mar 1997, Aug 1997 (“The Hampton Classics”), 1998.

Gallery B.A.I., 575 Broadway, New York City Renowned International Artist (catalog) and Benefit for Humane Society, 1997.

Wares for Art, 496 La Guardia Place, New York, 1996, 1997, 1998.

Gubala Fine Art Gallery, 1100 Madison Ave, New York, continuous showing 1994–1995.

Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY, Apr 16–May 8, 1994. "Queens Tennis" Collage of plastic maps,  juried by Elizabeth Sussman (Whitney Museum) and Holly Solomon.

New York University Gallery, New York, Juried Exhibition, Jan 30–Feb 26, 1993.

Art Around The Park, New York, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998.

Various East Village Exhibits, New York, 1991–1994: PDG Gallery, Remission Gallery, Tompkins Square Gallery, Nobel Fekl Gallery.

Benefit for Amnesty International, Germans van Eke Gallery, 420 West Broadway, New York, Jun 1990.

Benefit Auction of Lighthouses, Lighthouse for the Blind, Waldorf Astoria, New York, Nov 1988.

Benefit Auction of Masks for the New York Philharmonics, Tiffany & Co, New York, 1988.

Figurative Painting, Hirondelle Gallery, New York, 1986–1987.

East Hampton Meets East Village, E. M. Donahue Gallery, East Hampton, NY, 1986.

Masks, The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY 1986, 1987.

Out On Their Ears, Past and Present Species of New York City, Henry Street Settlement Gallery, New York, 1987.

Travelling Books, Book Arts, New York, 1987.

Metalanguages/Textual Venues, B.A.D. Museum, New York, 1987.

Mirrors, East Hampton Center for Contemporary Arts, East Hampton, NY, two shows, 1986, 1990.

Three Artists, St. Marks Gallery, New York, 1986.

Sculptures, Zeus–Trabia, New York, 1986.

Microshow, Now Gallery, New York, 1985–1987.

Artifacts/Moos Art Gallery, Miami Florida, 1986, 1987.

Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY, 1983 (Arrivals), 1984, 1985, 1986, 1998.

Purgatory of New York City, C.U.A.N.D.O., 1985, 1986.

Book Art, Hand in Hand Gallery, 585 Broadway, New York, 1985.

The Destroyed Print, Pratt Manhattan Center Gallery, New York, 1982.


Selected Publications & Articles

Daily News, December 10, 2017, "Dont Flake Out, Folks" (photo by Ross Keith)

New York Times, January 9, 2017, "A Winter Playground of Snow" (photo by Yana Paskova)

"Daily News Sunday December 15th, 2013 "Snow York is a Winter Wonderland" (photo by Barry Williams)

Blessing of Animals at Church of Christ, NYC December 2012, photograph by Joshua Wong

Hamptons International Film Festival, October 6, 2012 Photographs by Baume Et Mercier

Marco Glaviano, “Super Models” Keszler Gallery, May 10, 2012 Photograph by Patrick McMullan

Ragazine, (link) “The H7L Effect”, Interview by Mike Foldes, May 2012 Volume 8 #3

Classic Images,(photo), Photo by Steve Friedman, Film Forum, March 2011 No. 429

New York Times (photo by Nicole Bengiveno), Eric Firestone Fine Art, East Hampton NY July 2011.

Parrish Art Museum Photographer, (photo) Southampton New York. June 2011.

Gerald Peters Gallery, Photograph of H7L and Carolyn Beegan by Peter Marcelle, New York, May 29th, 2011.

Photographer Dainis Saulitis, East Hampton, NY, photo, May, 7 2011.

©, Opening Pace Gallery De Kooning, Billy Farrell Agency (BFA), Photo David X Prutting, New York, April, 28, 2011.

New York Press, Bash Compactor: New Edition, written by Danny Gold, photo, Gagosian Gallery, New York, Dec. 14, 2010.

New York Social Diary, Jill Krementz Covers Edward Hopper at the Whitneyphotographs by Jill Krementz, New York, Nov. 10, 2010.

New York Times, Sunday Styles, Evening Hours: Arts and Letters, photographs by Bill Cunningham, New York, Oct. 24, 2010.

Opening Exhibiton Warhol. Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton NY, photos by Patrick McMullan, June 5, 2010.

“Warhol from Dylan to Duchamp”, Eric Firestone Gallery, Photographs by Kristen Burns, East Hampton, June 2010.

Celebration of Alec Baldwin and John Underwood in Equus, Guild Hall, photograph by Patrick McMullan, East Hampton, June 2010.

Whitney Biennial 2010 Member Preview Party, New York, NY, Photos by Patrick McMullan

Dan’s Papers, Gordin’s View: Through The Lens: Bridgehampton, Photos by Barry Gordin, , NY, Feb 19, 2010.

Dan's Papers,  Gordin's View: Robert Wilson Voom Portraits, Bridgehampton, NY, Jan 26, 2007, Photos by Barry Gordin.

New York Times, Sunday Style Section, On the Street: Meow,  photographs by Bill Cunningham, New York,  Jan 14,  2007.

New York Times,  Sunday Styles, Evening Hours: Celebrations: New Year's Traditions,  photographs by Bill Cunningham, New York,  Jan 8,  2006.

East Hampton Star, Long Island Books, New York, Dec 1, 2005.

Capri Press 2005 Photo 2013 by Maria Boniella. GiGI and H7L

Dan's Papers, Gordin's View: Last Bid at Vered Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, Dec 2, 2005.

New York Daily News, Pooches primp, pose and prepare, New York, Feb 14, 2005.

New York Times, Wild things at the Museum, New York, Dec 12, 2004.

DFR: Daily Fashion Report by Marilyn Kirschner, Wild Fashion Untamed, Dec 7, 2004.

New York Sun, Cipriani--As Sweet Sans the Sherry-Netherland? by Lauren Mechling, New York, Sep 24, 2004.

Catalog, Inter-ko, Seoul, Korea, 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth, 2004.

Book (528 pp), 2000 Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1001 Reasons to Love the Earth: The World Art Collection, 2003.

Artwork by 1001 artists and prefaces by Prince Charles, Robert Redford, Paul McCartney, Ted Turner, among others.

New York Post, photograph by Justin Lane/EPA, Dec 7, 2003.

The Southampton Press, Animal Rescue Fund Benefit, Jun 26, 2003.

The Independent, Southampton, NY, Parrish Art Museum Benefit, Jun 18, 2003.

Independent, Marshall, MN, At the Whipple: A small campus' big-time art show (Editorial), Dec 12, 2002.

The Buhl Collection Calendar, (cover), Hanne's Reconstructed Hand IV 2000, New York, 2002.


Time Out New York YES, ma'am (for The Yoko Ono Project), New York, Mar 8, 2001.

Japanese Paper (photograph), 2000, Look alike contest Tiffany and H7L.

Our Town, New York, Feb 18, 1999.

The Tribune, New York, Feb 18, 1999.

Dan's Papers, Art Installation, Bridgehampton, NY, Feb 12, 1999.

BT, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1999.

Catalog, Good Against Evil, Goldstrom Gallery; H7L's Secret Treasures by Willoughby Sharp, New York, 1998.

Vestkysten, Denmark, Krøllet kunst i New York (Twisted Art in New York), by Ove, Mar 18, 1998.

New York Post, Murals in Mendez Mural Garden, New York, Oct 1, 1997.

Cover Magazine, Vol. 11 #4 p. 7, Murals Mendez Mural Garden, New York, Aug 1997.

Dan's Papers, Artists of the Hamptons, by Marion Wolberg Weiss, Bridgehampton, NY, Mar 14, 1997.

Dan's Papers, Cover Painting, Bridgehampton, NY , Mar 14, 1997.

Catalog, Gallery B.A.I., New York, Contemporary International Group Exhibition, Ronny Cohen, Feb 1997.

Sun Storm Fine Art, (p.50), H7L Roots of the Onion Lady by V. B. Forbes, (3 color photos), NY, Summer 1996.]

Art News, New York, photoPhoto of head of handmade paper and onion skins on onion sack (p. 22), May 1996

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark, Levende kunst i New York , Photo, (Living Art in New York), by Christian Juul Jessen, Sep 4, 1992.

The Starving Artist's Cookbook, by Melissa and Paul Eidia, New York, 1991.

New York City Tribune, Jan 31 1990.

New York, New York, profile in book by Jørgen Christian Hansen, Denmark, 1988.

Art Times, by Baird Jones, New York, Dec 1988.

New York Times, Arts and Leisure, Oct 2, 1988

Art Slavery of New York , Book23,  by Sandro Dernini (Cuando)

Daily News, New York, Spots one he likes. Oct 30, 1988

NY Daily News; It's a White Thanksgiving, Dan Cronin, Nov 24, 1989.

Artspeak, New York, articles by J. Taylor Basker, Jun 16, 1988, and by J. Bridge Nov 6, 1988.

People and Animals in Movement, p2,  installation of mixed media on fiberglass screens, Ismael Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York, Oct 1988.

People Magazine, A Benefit Auction at Tiffany's... (cont'd), by Harriet Shapiro, New York, Apr 4, 1988.

Jyllands-Posten (Morgenavisen), Denmark, Excentrisk natur i New York,  Kunst og Kultur by Jørgen Christian Hansen, May 12, 1987.

New York Times, photograph, Jun 25, 1989; drawings: Jul 26, 1986Dec 7, 1985.

East Village, A Guide A Documentary by Roland Hagenberg, New York, 1986.

New York Times, by Helen A. Harrison, Mirrors, East Hampton Center for Contemporary Arts, East Hampton, NY, 1986.

Investigation of The inner Self,  Dec 1, 1985;

Facets of Neo Expressionism, Nov 6, 1983.

New York Times, The Unlayering of An Onion, by Susan Heller Anderson, Apr 7 1983.

New York Times, East End Lures Artists Anew, by B. Delatiner, Mar 20, 1983.

New York Times, Three Offbeat Shows with a Conceptual Bent, by Grace Glueck, Nov 21, 1982.

Los Angeles Daily News, Style, The Sidewalks of New York, by Robin Abcarian, Nov 10, 1985.

Berlingske Tidende, Løg og uhyrer (Onions and Monsters), Dec 12, 1984.

Vestkysten, Denmark, Et naturtalent skrev professor om Esbjergpige, Dec 1, 1984.

Kunstavisen, Denmark, Hvem er et monster?, Dec 1984.

Politiken, Denmark, Damen med løgene, Dec 13, 1984.

Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, Nyt og ungt initiativ: Kunstens vikarservice, by Virtus Schade, Nov 12, 1984.

Vestkysten, Denmark, Amerikansk Løgpræstinde vil vise sin art (cont'd), by Hans Jørn Kristensen, Aug 11, 1984.

French newspapers: Kanal Magazine 4 and 5; Canalmanach; Beaux Arts Magazine; International Herald Tribune, June 1984.

Vestkysten, Denmark, Esbjerg-pige udstiller i Paris, by Maria Lange, Jun 8, 1984.

Berlingske Tidende, Denmark, Løgets præstinde vil vise sin art, by Kjeld B. Nilsson, Jun 14, 1984.

Printed Matter, NY, Catalog 1983 to date, Books By Artists, New York.

Southampton Press, NY: 12 articles and pictures, (money) 1983 to 1996; The Seven Stations of O. J. at Artopia Gallery, Mar 26, 1996.

East Hampton Star, East Hampton, NY: 23 articles and pictures 1983 to present, including:

At The Galleries, Nov 29, 1984;
State of the Onion, Oct 6, 1983;
Lo, The Onion Theme Of Talk, Mar, 1983;
Theme Is Onions, Mar 17, 1983.

Los Angeles Times, Dutch Paintings, by David Lewinson, Mar 1983.

Los Angeles Times, Her A-Peel is Enough To Make You Cry, by Barry Horstman, Jul 6, 1982.

San Diego Union-Tribune, Public Eye, Jun 4, 1982.

Catalog, Pratt Institute Gallery, New York, The Destroyed Print: The Healing Power of Art, by Kay Larson, Nov 1982.

The Daily Guardian, UCSD, The Onion and the Universe, Jun 3, 1982.

High Performance, Los Angeles, Shadows23 by Linda Frye Burnham, Volume 5, Number 1, Spring–Summer 1982.

The Daily Guardian, UCSD, Shows in Annex, Sep 24, 1980.

The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley, Looking, by Suzann Boettger, Mar 23, 1980.

The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley, New Brushes, by Cathy Curtis, Mar 16, 1979 (painting).


Television & Radio Appearances

CBS News with John Slattery, New York, The Murals in Mendez Mural Garden, Oct 1, 1997

Channel 5 Fox News with reporter Eric Shawn, New York, The Seven Stations of O. J., Mar 1996.

NY-1 News with Andrew Schmertz, New York, H7L's Mural Good Against Evil, Feb 21, 1997.

Danish National Broadcasting TV2, with reporter Anne-Birthe Jarnum, Denmark, Hanne's Universe, 1990.

WBAI Radio, one-hour interview with Barry Farber, New York, 1989.

CBS News Channel 2 with Mori Alter, New York, A Lady planting a Garden of Art (The Onionization of the Big Apple), New York, 1983.

Channel 8 News with McHeald, San Diego, The Onion Universe, 1982.

Danish National Broadcasting, DR1, Denmark, Who is the Monster?, 1984.


H7L’s artwork is included in the following Collections:

Burlington's Collection, New York City, Painting.

Personal Collection of Alfonso Pluchinotta, Hand Surgeon at Padua Civic Hospital, Department of Visual Arts of the University of Padua, Italy.

Photography "Hanne's Broken Hand" series of four  large prints.

The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, “The Onion Universe” an Artist’s Book from “The Onion Universe” Installation (10).

The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, “Good Against Evil” Installation Catalogue (10).

The Museum of Modern Art, "The Story of my two Art Cars" Artist's Book 2o14 original 1/4 and "The Art Car Book by H7L" Artist's Book, printed version 2015.

The World Catalogue MOMA, Books by Hanne H7L.

The Buhl Collection, NYC. Photography, "Hanne's Reconstructed Hand IV" large 1/25 from "Hanne's Broken Hand Series".

The Buhl Collection CalendarHanne's Reconstructed Hand IV 2000, New York. 2002.

 Dorothy Leavit Beskind Collection, New York City, Painting and Photographs.

The Absolut Scandinavian Collection, Stockholm, Sweden. Painting.

The Franklin Furnace Collection, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Artist's books same as MOMA above.

The Art Car World Museum, Douglas, AZ. "The Painted Dodge".

The Art Car World Museum, "The Story of my Two Art Cars". Douglas, AZ. Artist's book original 3/4 and "The Art Car Book by H7L" Artist's Book, printed version 2015.

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, slides from my "Onion Universe Installation" in The Allan Kaprow's Collection.

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 20 manipulated Photographs 8,5"x11" and one larger framed "Star VIIc" 1/25 all from "The Star Series" in the Willoughby Sharp Collection.

The Turid and Craig Meeker Collection, NYC. small sculptural wall pieces, and large manipulated Photograph "Star I" from "The Star Series" 1/25, "The Art Car Book by H7L", Artist's Book.

The Sandy and Stephen Perlbinder Collection, NYC, Painting on burlap (coffee sack) and "The Art Car Book by H7L" Artist's Book, printed version 2015.

Hanne and John Mellentin Collection, Switzerland and Portugal. Ink Drawings.

The Sally Haddock Collection NYC. Painting on wood "Washington Square Park"

Martha Cortes Collection, NYC, large unstretched canvas paintings.

Øyvind and Inger-Lisa Lauridsen's Collection, Norway. Miscellaneous.

Anne Birthe Jarnum's Collection, Copenhagen Denmark. Paintings, Photos and "The Art Car Book by H7L" Artist's Book, printed version 2015..

Caroline Stern's Collection, NYC. Collage/photograph, Sculptural hanging.

Vivienne Day's Collection, Hollywood, CA. (Saatchi) manipulated Photograph "Star XI" 1/25 from "The Star Series".

Sam Strongin's Collection, Highland Park, IL. (Saatchi) Photograph "Hanne's Reconstructed Hand IV" 1/25 from "Hanne's Broken Hand Series"

Monika Weiler, 15 Risborough Street, SE1 OHG London, United Kingdom (Saatchi).  Photograph "Hanne's BrokenHand I" Limited edition print 2/25.

Ted Petersen's Collection, Denmark. Paintings.

Lis and Kræn Michaelsen's Collection, Hjørring, Denmark. Painting.

Michael C. Anton's Collection, NYC. Paintings, Photography and art clothes.

Darius Gubala's Collection, NYC, Painting on collage of plastic credit card size Manhattan subway maps.

Sidney and Nancy Goldstein's Collection, Southampton, NY. Digital Photography and "The Art Car Book by H7L" Artist's Book printed version 2015.

The Family Collection of Ida, Kent, Elise and Rhett Wincorn, Dallas, Texas, USA. Painting, "The Trump Ice Skating Rink" (The Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park).

Anne Jones Weitzer Collection, New York City, Digital Photography and "The Art Car Book by H7L".

Johanna Vanderbeek's Collection, Amagansett NY, mixed media, and "The Art Car Book by H7L".

School of Visual Arts' Collection, NYC,"The Art Car Book by H7L".

Cheryl and Kevin Kelly's Collection, Southampton NY, "The Art Car Book by H7L"

August Vanderbeek' Collection, Santa Barbara CA, "The Art Car Book" and Digital Photography.

Michael Bulger's Collection, New York City, "Union Square", painting.

Karen Sullivan's Collection, NYC, Digital Photography and "The Art Car Book".

Christian Sullivan's Collection, NYC, "The Art Car Book".

Robert Arne Sullivan's Collection, NYC, "The Art Car Book".

John Colligan's Collection, New York City, "The Art Car Book"

Lilly Braudy, Berkeley CA, Large Painting.

Donato Di Cosmo's Collection, NYC, Digital Photography and "The Art Car Book".

Dr. Areta Podhorodecki's Collection, NYC, Digital Photography.


Romina Herrera Malatesta, NYC,  "The Art Car Book".

Nita Narayan, NYC,  "The Art Car Book".

Jarno Veldhuis, NYC, "The Art Car Book".

Lisa McCaffrey, NYC, "The Art Car Book".

Stowe Richard, San Clemente, CA,  "The Art Car Book".

Gayle Raskin, NYC,  "The Art Car Book"

Raj Barker, Australia, "The Art Car Book".

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