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Paintings of New York

In Paintings of New York and Other Fantasies, Hanne pays poignant tribute to her beloved city, portraying some of her favorite landmarks in lush, vibrant colors using acrylic paint on unstretched canvas or wood, sometimes with the effect of sugar icing on gaudy birthday cakes.

As part of the exhibit at a prestigious Midtown Manhattan gallery, Hanne included a performance called Painting the Dodge during which she turned her automobile into an idiosyncratic art car by decorating it with images of the street scenery from the exhibit’s Our House painting.

Premonition was her first application of surplus credit-card size plastic New York subway maps as a background, in this instance for her painting of the World Trade Center in 1992. The work  was named retroactively for the doom of its avian trajectory as borne out by the tragic events that it seemed to augur, be it the 1993 bombing, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, or any number of intervening thwarted threats and attempts.

Later the painting Remembrance was added to the series in the memory of the WTC, depicting the two columns of light that illuminate Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11.

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