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In the Hanne’s Broken Hand series, Hanne photographed the process of breaking and reassembling the plaster-cast of her own hand (included in The Henry Buhl Collection and selected for the Buhl Collection 2002 Calendar).

Hanne once again married a familiar theme to a favorite medium in a fresh and original manner in her intriguing audio-visual performance of shadow dancing called Shadows of Obsession, hereby demonstrating an overriding artistic principle of opening new doors while never letting old ones fully close behind her.

Working in her East Village studio, Hanne continues to explore new modes of expression and experiment with new materials and methodologies, mixing media and metaphors in novel and unexpected ways, most recently by judiciously applying digital tools and techniques to time-honored themes while careful not to let the lure of technology overwhelm the message of her art.

The Wolfman motif persists in virtually all her work, from painting and sculpture to decorated clothing and digital drawing. Hanne often imposes her Wolfman drawings on digital photographs, in part to soften the machine-like precision of computer art with her unmistakably human touch; as well as other drawings that become the outlines for digital cutouts.

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