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My Wolfman car generates a great audience-participatory response as an artwork when parked on the street. I routinely encounter people of all ages and walks of life engaged in questioning what the Wolfman shapes actually are. Rabbits? Birds? Camouflage? Fall leaves?

Since my last update on the Wolfman car, I have added a great many Wolfmen cut from a bright reflective white safety material that I enjoy working with very much. The nature of the material is such that it lights up the car in the night time, whereas the older silver material catches the light best during the day. Thus I thought I would share with you all some unique looks at the car lit up at night, a view of it most do not get to see unless they are driving alongside me. The piece is part performance art as the act of attaching the handmade cut-outs to the car is a form of performance alongside the car itself as an object I use every day, and as the material ages and degrades in some areas becomes a form of process art as well.

The Wolfman is a hybrid creature of my imagination; part man, part animal, it is a composite figure intended to remind us all of our frequently forgotten connection to the natural world. It is a recurring motif in virtually all of my work, from paintings and sculpture to decorated clothing and now a new art car. It is my signature both literally and figuratively, appearing as a digital drawing on my photographs. I have affixed the image of the Wolfman all over my Volkswagen with both silver and white reflective materials cut by hand. Although they may appear machine made it is my own hands that make each and every of the hundreds of cut-outs on the car, paying tribute to the symbol of the Wolfman as a link between the world of man and nature. 

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