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The Wolfman sculptures are made of steelwire or aluminum wire.

The Wolfman is a hybrid creature of my imagination; part man, part animal, it is a composite figure intended to remind us all of our frequently forgotten connection to the natural world. It is a recurring motif in virtually all of my work, from paintings and sculpture to decorated clothing and now a new art car. It is my signature both literally and figuratively, appearing as a digital drawing on my photographs. I have affixed the image of the Wolfman all over my Volkswagen with both silver and white reflective materials cut by hand. Although they may appear machine made it is my own hands that make each and every of the hundreds of cut-outs on the car, paying tribute to the symbol of the Wolfman as a link between the world of man and nature. 

Other sculptures and mixed media hangings on fiberglas screens can be found in Performances, and  Installations 

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